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Jimmy Chitas

Visual Artist Sculptor

Jimmy Chitas was born and raised in Australia. He studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

He has a degree in Forestry and works in the Fire Department Ηeadquarters, as a Senior Officer. His work is organic, ephemeral and is mainly expressed through cold depiction of the hard, deals creatively with volume and its sculptural creations mainly consist of abstract forms and fragments. Concerned with the dialogue between two materials, their composition and texture as well as the concept of the ephemeral, the perishable. Work with primary materials which he adapts and transforms to narrate and imply meaning, sometimes making "ironic" comments.

He is a member of the artistic group Hexagon & Citylab. Two works of art are permanently located in the public space of the 401 General Military Hospital of Athens. A large-scale sculpture is also hosted at the entrance of the University of Western Attica (PADA).

He has presented his works in exhibitions mainly in Greece and abroad.

The following are indicated as examples:

2023: “Symbols II : Memory” - Architecture and Art exhibition, at Old Town of Chania, Greece.

2021: “Symbols & Iconic Ruins” - Architecture and Art exhibition, at EMST Athens, Greece.

2021: “Faces of the hero” - Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) Transatlantic Art Exhibition, to Premiere in Outdoor Public Spaces in New York and Athens.

2018: "Eleusis 2021 european capital of culture", artist hosting program in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts (H’ Workshop ASFA).