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Jimmy Chitas is the owner of the Website's domain name.

The entirety of the Website, as well as its components (in particular text, structure, software, animated items, photographs, videos, illustrations, drawings, graphic representations, logos, etc.) are creative works protected in Greece, by the fundamental law on intellectual property or copyright, and specifically the law 2121/1993 (Government Gazette A'25, 4/3/93) which, inspired by the World Intellectual Property Organization, revises the previous legislation of 1920 (2387/1920) and complies with Community guidelines. The Website and its components are the sole property of Jimmy Chitas. The latter is the sole party authorised to exercise intellectual property and related personality rights, particularly brands, models, creative works, software, databases, interpretations and image rights, as the originator or through a formal authorisation or licence.

2. Penalties

Use of all or part of the Website, particularly by means of downloading, reproduction, transmission, representation or circulation, for purposes other than personal and private use and with a non-commercial aim by the Internet user is strictly prohibited. The party liable for infringement of the above shall be liable to penalties stipulated in both the Greek Intellectual Property code with regard to copyright infringement and brand rights in particular, and the Greek Civil Code with regard to general legal liability are subject to the above legal framework and are explicitly described.

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